Bentley: tiny plays and BIG news!

4 Nov 2015 by Lydia

First things first: a big thank you to Bentley!

The Right Up Our Street project may have taken some time to kick off in the community but Dan Jones and I have seen first hand this year that there is an appetite for arts in the area. Since our Shed launch in April, we've had around 1800 participations: stone carving, dancing at our VE Day Party, enjoying music in the park or contributing to our Bentley Library Chair and more. It's been amazing meeting everyone taking part in such varied activities. We've gone from under 300 people on our Facebook to 850- so thanks for spreading the word too!

But wait- there's more! I am thrilled to announce that the Right Up Our Street project has just been awarded with a further three years of funding from Arts Council England- that means that our funding is in place until 2019! The amount will be significantly less but we hope to continue to bring exciting and new art and culture to Doncaster, including Bentley- so you haven't seen the last of the Sheds yet! True to the project's purpose, there will be a focus on adult engagement in the arts and seeking individuals who could start getting involved in sustaining exciting activity in the area. Interested in making things happen? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please feel free to forward this good news onto everyone- and if anyone wants to join our mailing list to find out more about the future of Bentley, just email me at

Also this month...Bentley Max!

Award-winning touring theatre company Just Jones &, invites you to dream, dance, celebrate, have a cuppa, swap a story, create and stage the best that Bentley can be. Join us at The Pavilion on the 5th November (remember remember!) at 6pm to catch this amazing show written by the Bentley people! Can't make the evening performance? Join us at the Top Club at 2.30pm to catch an earlier showing of this playful series of visions.

Invented, written & rehearsed in Bentley’s unique pop-up mobile venue, together local people and professional actors, directors and writers will create a series of tiny plays (from 3 lines to 3 minutes with up to 3 performers) to be performed in Bentley for the public. It’s easy to say what we don’t like about a place, and so much harder and more fun to dream about the best that it can be. WARNING - DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!

Keep an eye out for more updates as we have a wintery treat up our sleeves...and enjoy your weekend, I'm sure you'll all be celebrating the good news! 

Lydia, project co-ordinator for Bentley.

(It's true what they say - Doncaster really is a safe seat for Ed! Thank you to Bentley Area Community Library for the snap- nice to see the Bentley Library Chair getting some use!) 

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