Open Call Launched!

16 Dec 2016 by rachelr

We are looking for brilliant, forward-looking, contemporary artistic ideas (from any artform) that will develop audiences and participants in a meaningful way in Doncaster.  Legacy is important to us – so you’ve got to really want to do this work in Doncaster and be able to deliver.

Whether you are a member of a local community group working in a library or an internationally experienced performance artist, if you have a great idea that will engage new and repeat participants and audiences and will meaningfully invest in Doncaster’s cultural legacy then we are keen to hear from you.

Whilst we particularly welcome bids from individuals and organisations based in Doncaster borough, Right Up Our Street will also welcome proposals from those based outside our area that wish to meaningfully and wholeheartedly engage with the borough. It is worth noting that from our previous experience, engagement is only really effective when undertaken over a sustained period of time by lead artists on the ground with local people.

Although much of the Right Up Our Street programme is targeted at certain areas of Doncaster (Balby, Bentley, Mexborough, Rossington, Thorne/East), your proposal does not have to be limited by this. We are keen that projects find creative ways to engage with at least three geographical areas across the borough – including ideally at least one of our target areas. We also welcome proposals that originate in Doncaster and subsequently find audiences and participants outside the borough, exporting the Doncaster and Right Up Our Street ‘brands’.

Right Up Our Street projects fall under the following broad artform categories:

·         Words

Playwriting, songwriting, poetry, storytelling, fiction –original writing and words at the core.

·         Performance

Theatre, dance, music – all live performance.

·         Digital

Online, digital film, photography, gaming, social media – work that relies mainly on digital platforms.

·         Craft

High quality arts and crafts, making, fabrics, goods for sale.

·         Exhibition

Visual art, galleries, hoardings, displays, signage – work that is displayed in various media.

·         Festival and Parade

Outdoors and indoors festivals, promenade, procession, spectacle, celebratory work.

We are open to a range of scales of project application- please refer to the open call document for full information. 

How to Apply

If you wish to submit a project proposal through the Open Call process, then please download and read the Open Call Information from this page which has the full information and guidelines for applicants then complete the application form and return it to us (with any supplementary information) by email to You can also apply through an online form here.


You can submit an application at any point during the year and we will regularly review the applications received.


Further Information

If you have any queries about the Open Call process, or wish to discuss your ideas in confidence, please contact:  Andrew Loretto, Project Director, Right up Our Street, on 01302 558067 or email:

information pack:

application form online

application form download




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