Nótt by Frolicked Theatre

Nótt is a moon-carrying, fortune-telling, night-time goddess chaperoned by a pair of enchanted companions...

In Norse mythology and in very old English pagan traditions, Nótt is the goddess of the night; the personification of the night sky.

Frolicked has crafted our own version of Nótt as a spectacular walking puppet sculpture – a moon-bearing, rune-casting, roaming fortune-teller, who enchants her audiences with the lightning in her hair, the starlight on her costume, and the gentle sway of the orb she dutifully carries.

Our half-sized goddess is accompanied by her English-speaking interpreter, a talking crow, who sits in his own enchanted tree. From the same mythology, crows were considered as messengers, and when the night raven appeared, he was said to be a captured spirit in crow form (hence the ability to communicate with humans).

Nótt is not only an unusual and spectacular sight, but she can also read (and hand over) a simple, illustrated fortune as a gift for those who choose to interact with her, giving a tiny, hand-drawn glimpse into how the celestial heavens affect our lives on earth.

Pop up performances between 5pm and 9pm, Minster Grounds, Friday 16th November