Rachel Ryan- Communications and Project Coordinator

My name is Rachel and I am Communications and Project Coordinator for Right Up Our Street.

I work alongside the Project Director to make things happen within the project.

The backbone of Right Up Our Street is the people and communities of Doncaster and I hope to reflect the inclusive and open nature of the project through our communications.

We want to make sure that everyone has a part to play in arts and culture around Doncaster and that they gain some value from participating.

The project is ambitious, and to help in our success we need your feedback and suggestions so let me know if you have any new or wild ideas, or if there is something you think would be a great idea for Right Up Our Street to get involved in.

You can contact myself or anyone in the team through email at hello@rightupourstreet.org.uk or on our facebook or twitter pages.

We aim to make the Right Up Our Street brand a trusted friend in Doncaster. If you are participating in the project, make sure you look at the Brand Guidelines below- lets work together to make things look great!