DN Festival- StarMaker

Sat 28 Jul


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Star Maker- Chris Batstone and Arcus Animation

One moment a man looks curiously into the heavens, the next, he has discovered the ability to traverse time and space, meld with other sentient consciousness and eventually speak as one, singular, universal mind. But what will this universal mind discover when it finally meets Icentrewts’ own creator?

Arcus Studios present an immersive, digital animation adaptation of the seminal 1937 science fiction novel ‘Star Maker’, by Olaf Stapledon.

Star Maker fuses a diversity of visual animation styles and features an originally composed score by Barry Hyde (The Futureheads, Hyde and Beast).

Star Maker has been specially made for viewing in planetariums (including ‘pop up’ planetariums) to explore the creative potential of presenting immersive digital artworks in fulldome settings.

Sir Nigel Gresley Square- pop  up planetarium

The animation will be show several times throughout the day- sign up to a time on the day at the venue.



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free- 11am-5pm

  • Sat 28 Jul11:00am

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