DNweekeND Taster- The Lift at Delicious Doncaster Festival

Sat 13 May to Sun 14 May


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Wet Picnic bring their trademark playfulness and humour to our DNweekeND Taster show at the Delicious Doncaster Food and Drink Festival

The Lift is a roving theatrical experience that envelops its audience, welcoming them into a world of captured moments, giving them a surreal experience that they won't forget. An elegant elevator (on wheels) arrives accompanied by three bellhops. The audience are invited to step inside and choose a moment by selecting one of nine different  floor buttons. Each button triggers a particular

scene or event which is performed for both the audience member in The Lift and those on the outside looking in. 

The Lift is on St Sepulchre Gate starting at 11am, 1pm and 3pm 

and Sunday at 11am, 1pm and 2.45pm

Part of Without Walls Associate Touring Network, a group of festivals working together to extend the reach and benefits of the existing Without Walls programme in areas where there is low engagement with the arts, bringing high quality outdorr work to diverse audiences across England


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