Cosy Cinema

In direct response to the Mexborough Community's need and want for a cinema (the closest cinemas being in Doncaster town and Sheffield), Art Supporter Dominic along with his hardworking local team created and produced the Cosy Cinema.

The Cosy Cinema's mission was clear, to bring cinema back to a town that felt it was missing out. The films shown are diplomatically selected and based from requests and decisions by the Mexborough community.

The result is a pop up cinema which can be transported to uncoventional and new places, a cinema which places itself at the heart of the local people to create a unique cinematic experience in Mexborough.

The season of films so far has been presented in collaboration with the Concertina Club in Mexborough and has included 'The Price of Coal' by Ken Loach, 'Northern Soul', and 'All Quiet on the Western Front'.

In true Cosy Cinema style there was a spectacular Outdoor Summer Event too, which saw several hundred local residents visit an outdoor, full day, town centre screening of 'Frozen', 'Kes' and 'Flash Gordon'.

The Cosy Cinema always tries to present something a little different and always has a few tricks up it's sleeve to make the night (or day) a little more memorable, from having a live Northern Soul DJ spinning tunes at the 'Northern Soul' screening, having discounts and freebies for attendees or even having a star of the film turn up.

The Cosy Cinema is currently on hiatus, but will hopefully be returning for some exciting screenings in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled!


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